Monday, 11 August 2014

Arches & The End!

This was supposed to be our last National Park before heading to Denver but before we reach Arches there is the Wilson Arch along the side of Highway 191.

Entering the park itself the rock formations are impressive, this is called Park Avenue.

Balanced Rock appears to defy gravity!

Most of the Arches are along trails several miles long & with the heat in the 90's wearing motorcycle gear it's imposible to see them all in one day, these petroglyphs from around 1500ad are on the way to Delicate Arch.

The trail to Delicate Arch is around 3 miles but it has to be done & it's worth it, this free-standing arch is unique.

This is just to prove I made it, it may however have been at too great a cost.

Sand Dune Arch & Broken Arch are pretty close together & although easily reached the walking on sand is hard work.

At Devils Garden trailhead there are eight arches but the walk is too long, I start walking but the body says no!
From the short distance I did manage you could see Pine Tree Arch & Navajo Arch.

In the distance you can also see Skyline Arch, if anyone else comes here you probably need at least 2 days & a good pair of walking shoes.

After leaving the park we take the Scenic Byway 128 that follows the Colorado River to Cisco, unfortunately due to my tiredness & possible dehydration I take a bend badly & try to run off in the gravel, it doesn't work & I end up in a heap with a fractured right collar bone & several ribs.

The bike isn't badly damaged but my injury needs several weeks to recover or it's time to return home, after some discussions we chose to end the trip!!


  1. Sorry to hear you have had to cut short, Terry. You could still make the Ulster GP on Saturday if you hurry!

  2. Shit you poor bugger , it's a bugger but that's biking, done the same riding with John one year happens real easy . A real prick to have to go home early as I have done before as well
    All the best Terry will catch up on Skype when you home

  3. Oh no. Disaster strikes. It was all going so well! What you need is a water bladder back pack and frequent sips. Hope you are fully recovered now. Thanks for the blogs. I have enjoyed reading through them all and I am inspired and jealous in equal measure. Now I need to read your other blog from an earlier trip.